A graphical T-profile

Final Version of the project: alex.flarandr.de/design

For my application at the D-school from the Hasso-Plattner-Institute, I needed to create a creative way of showing my professional background and other fields of interest I have. I was always interested in isometric design and I started some tryouts. But the objects got too complex to draw with my skill level, so I decided to switch to a complete 3D design and did it in Blender.

The results were quite cool and it took me way more time than I planned, but it was pretty fun to create all the small objects. The task was to show my different fields of interest so I decided to not only show the things I do but also use other fields I work in. I wanted to make it interactive. So I set up a create-react-app and used react-konva for the visual drawing. I did a rendering for every room where the light in only one room is turned on. Then I could create invisible konva-shapes over the room to see if the room was tapped or hovered. Then I just swap the images with the one with the light on. Petty simple, but a cool effect. Then I added some additional texts for the room and there we have it: A cool, both graphical and technical solution to sow my fields of interest.

Complete Source Code: gogs.flarandr.de/alex/alex-tprofil

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